November 30, 2015

Free Printable: Christmas Gift List Insert for A5 Planners + Letter Size

I just got my gorgeous coral-colored Carpe Diem A5 planner a few days ago, and I just love it. Nope, this is not a sponsored post - I just really love it. It's my first ring planner and even though I got it to use for next year, I couldn't wait and started transferring the rest of my hacked Michaels Recollection Schedule notebook by cutting it down, and while it's not much of a perfect fit, I can live with it for the rest of the year. I love that there's so much room for personalization - and now I'm left wondering why the heck have I not jumped into the planning world earlier.

In aiming to be more organized (not just for myself but for my husband as well), I started making lists and inserts - and here's the first of probably a few that I'll be sharing with you - a printable gift list insert for your A5 sized planners. Don't fret, non-planner folks! You aren't left out - I also included a free printable for a letter-sized gift list so you can utilize it as well. It has 20 lines you can use - if you need more, just print additional pages.

Making your own insert is not as hard as it sounds! Just cut the page down, and use a pre-punched page as a guide to make your holes. I have yet to purchase a special 6-hole punch so I use a single-hole punch and it's really easy. I printed mine on regular cardstock paper (I like this one from Amazon) so it's heavier than my normal pages.

I have not gotten into accessorizing my planner very much - I'm trying to take it easy before the obsession with it hits me hard. Have you delved into the planning frenzy? Happy crafting, friends!


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November 27, 2015

Friday Finds Link Party #47

Hello and welcome to another edition of Friday Finds! We have some awesome projects and recipes picked out this week - visit them and show them love! Also, don’t forget to link up this week for a chance to be featured on next week’s party - happy linking!
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

New Sew Gift Bags from The Casual Craftlete
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

Christmas Candy Countdown from Woodland Flower
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

Boho Piano Bench from Redo It Yourself
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Vanessa from Tried & True || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Christmas Sherbet Punch from The Casual Craftlete
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

Gratitude Box from Grandma Ideas
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Devin & Tara from Salt & Pepper Moms || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

DIY Burlap Table Runner from Decor by The Seashore
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

Texas Pecan Pie from Building Our Hive
Don't forget to post your favorite links from this week to have a chance to be featured in our post next week or to get pinned to our Friday Finds Pinterest Board!

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November 26, 2015

Santa-Sack Inspired Gift Bags at Live Craft Love

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the US! May you have a fun & happy celebration with your loved ones. I am so thankful for all you guys who read and accompany me through this blogging journey! After today, Christmas will be in full swing for everyone. The Christmas season is probably my most favorite season for crafting - so many opportunities to make handmade goods for everyone, baking sweet stuff and making cards! Yesterday I shared a custom-designed Santa Sack inspired gift bag for smaller gifts at Live Craft Love - it's sooooo easy to make.

If you want a cut file for this design - let me know in the comments and I'll share it for personal use. :) I just love how this project turned out - it's perfect for the gifts I've picked out for my husband this Christmas, and it's also great for little gift bags for co-workers - don't you think?

Check out how I made it and give my post some love by pinning it to your boards if you love the project! Check it out on Live Craft Love by clicking any of the photos above or the link below. Happy crafting, friends!

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November 23, 2015

DIY: Geeky Perler Bead Christmas Wreath

I've always wanted to make a geeky Christmas wreath ever since I saw this geeky wreath from Think Geek. Well actually - I wanted that geeky wreath, but some of the details don't really fit me and my husband, and it was kind of small (and also made out of foam), so I decided to make my own. I didn't really realize how much time it would take me to finish the whole thing - but I think it was definitely worth it. Plus it was mostly stress-free. 

First you want to lay out the wreath itself - I just eyeballed a rough round shape for the outside and inside circles and then added my elements one by one. You can also reference perler wreath designs online - that's how I started - I actually looked up a bunch of perler wreath designs and kind of followed the general pattern they had. 

Also, you want your elements evenly distributed, so don't be annoyed if you need to move a certain element over or to scrap it and replace it with another element. Moreover, don't worry if your design passes the wreath's boundaries - you actually want that to happen to give it a more natural feel. 

Add your elements first - I added a black mage from the online final fantasy games because that's what I play, a stormtrooper because we just love Star Wars, a nintendo controller because we love retro games, pacman, zelda and other things. It's a representation of the geeky things we love. After adding your elements you want to add the faux lights and then the light green speckles to make your wreath more colorful and have better coloring. 

I actually took a longer time doing the elements of the wreath than filling the green parts!

I used 13 square pegboards in total, but I started with 9 for the basic wreath shape. It took me about 1 1/2 days beading the whole thing (with a lot of breaks), and about 2 days to iron (with a lot of breaks too). It's about 16 inches in diameter to give you an idea of how big it is. It's my biggest perler bead creation up to date - and I know that this is nothing when talking to perler bead artists, but I feel accomplished! I decided I wanted to add lights so I took out some of the green beads using the lights to measure the distance between each green bead I took out. 

To iron the design, I used painter's tape to mask the whole thing, and removed it from the pegboards. I also poked a hole on each of the bead - see more about this process in this video I followed when I was making this. 

I used a 15 LED light set that uses batteries from Walmart (they were about $5). I taped it to the back so I can remove it if I wanted to. To add hangers, just hot-glue them to the back of the wreath.

And it's done. It's not perfect since some of the perler beads bled with the other perler beads but what can I do - I'm not that great at ironing. Will I make it again? Probably not - but then again, I do love how it turned out! I think it must be one of the most complicated things I've made next to mine and my husbands DIY beetlejuice masks but it's definitely worth it. What have you made that you feel is complicated? Let me know in the comments - and happy crafting, friends!

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