September 22, 2014

Double Pearl Drop Earrings at Craftaholics Anonymous

The other day I was just saying how much I love making earrings these days. Here's another pair I've created - I wanted some pearls but not pearl studs (I feel like they protrude too much and will snag and tear my ear or something) so I decided to make some dangly ones instead. These come together pretty fast - less than 5 minutes if you have all your supplies ready. Head on over to Craftaholics Anonymous to check it out if you haven't yet!

It's pretty upscale looking as well so it's perfect for night outs. I do love having versatile-looking earrings that I can dress up or down.

If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, visit the tutorial by clicking the link below or any of the photos above!

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September 19, 2014

Friday Finds Linky Party #1

You guys! I'm so excited to announce that I have teamed up with some fabulous bloggers for a new link up happening every FRIDAY here on the blog! *claps* 

Link parties are an awesome way to get your posts seen and featured! Of course - don't forget to link up your bestest ideas and posts for the week and we will feature our favorites We want to see your BEST ideas and blog posts for the week and our favorites will be featured in our party next week (and if not there, on our Facebook pages and Pinterest Board!). What can you link up, you ask? Well - a lot of things, really! recipes, DIY projects, crafts, kids crafts, parties, and other relevant material. :)

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Here are the 8 blogs participating in this link up - if you haven't yet, check out the blogs and follow us! You know you want to:
Brandy from Gluesticks || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook
Vanessa from Tried & True || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook
Devin & Tara from Salt & Pepper Moms || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Make sure you click on those links to see some AMAZING inspiration! Now, onto the good stuff...

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September 16, 2014

DIY: Rhinestone Hair Combs from Cocktail Rings

When you want a fancy looking hair comb and you can't find one that's both affordable and pretty - what do you do? I've had this dilemma and was toying with the idea of making my own using storebought or eBay-bought rhinestone embellishments, but when I came across the pretty rings in one of the photos below, I decided to make my own using them - they were very affordable too! This rhinestone hair comb set just cost me under $2 in supplies to make.

  • Cocktail Rings
  • Tin snips
  • Wire cutter
  • Plastic hair comb
  • E6000 glue

There's a store in NYC that sells cheap cocktail rings for $1 for 10 pieces, and this is what I got - plus more. Yep - that's $0.10 per piece! I'm planning to buy more to use for other purposes as well. They're adjustable but some are bigger than others, but I didn't really care about the sizes as I planned to destroy them anyway.

Most of the ones I've gotten have bases that are easy to separate - the metal is pretty malleable - just bend with slight pressure in the direction perpendicular to the ring base.

If yours doesn't snap off that way, it may be easier to use a pair of tin snips to dislocate the rhinestone embellishment from the ring base. 

Using a wire cutter, trim off the excess metal that juts out from the ring embellishment (if there is any).

Don't forget to save those ring bases! You can always use them for future projects. 

If you have a longer/wider plastic hair comb, trim it in half using a wire cutter. I actually opted for this instead of a metal hair comb as the black blends in with my hair more. 

I also cut the end to produce a more symmetrical-looking hair comb.

Now all that's left to do is to glue down your ring embellishment onto the top of the hair comb - this is easily done by using E6000 glue and leaving it to dry. Alternatively, you can attach the embellishments by wrapping the embellishment onto the hair comb with a piece of wire (in the same color as your embellishment).

And that's it! Easy peasy - this project couldn't have taken more than 10 minutes to make (minus the drying time of the glue, of course). 

These are dressy enough for use in weddings, formal parties and other occasions, but also simple enough for (almost) everyday use.

If you make this, would you use a plastic comb or a metal one? Sound off in the comments! :)

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September 11, 2014

Trapeze Earrings at Live Craft Love

I've been making a ton of earrings these past few months. I don't know why, but for some reason my love for them has come back. I posted how to make simple trapeze earrings a few weeks ago (check that out if you haven't yet) and I loved them so much that I decided to make another, tiny-bit-more-complicated pair for my first post at Live Craft Love

I used semi-precious agate beads for this one, but feel free to substitute it with other beads! I love the way it dangles and the light feeling of it on my ears.

It's seriously perfect for casual outfits and a simple accessory to spruce up a party outfit. Hop on over to Live Craft Love to see how easy it comes together - click any of the photos above or the link below to get directed to the tutorial. Enjoy!

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