January 29, 2015

Free Printable: Tandem Bike Valentines Day Card

I just realized it's been a while since I shared a free printable card! I've been crushing on tandem bikes lately, and here's a card I made you can download and print to give to your special someone this Valentines Day. 

Download the printable and print it onto any letter-sized cardstock. My go-to color is kraft brown cardstock, but this looks great on white too - specially if you do some watercolor edges. Now I'm not great with watercolor prints, but I think this turned out juuuust right. 

I absolutely love the saying on this card - it's precisely how I feel these days. If you don't know, my hubby and I had a long distance relationship prior to getting married, and now that we're together, everything seems to be so much better.

It's a pretty simple design - but hey, sometimes being simple is better, right? Hope you like this print, and if you do - don't hesitate to let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear from you guys. Have fun making your card!


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January 26, 2015

DIY: Easy Heart Earrings

Sometimes you just need an easy craft for the day - I've said that many times on the blog, and yes, I stick to it. Sometimes you don't need anything complicated, just a one-two-three step project that will tide your DIY cravings until the next opportunity of crafting. Here's an easy craft idea - heart earring studs! I made these from my gigantic collection of vintage buttons but you can easily get them at any craft store or sewing store. Ready? here we go!

  • Heart buttons
  • Wire cutters
  • Metallic sharpie
  • E6000
  • Earring studs (4 mm - 6mm)

First off, choose your buttons. Can I take a moment to show you these cute heart buttons I have? I got them really cheap along with other buttons at a local antique/thrift store. If you don't have any of these, it's easy to pop into any craft or sewing store and get a pair of gold heart-shaped buttons.

It's basically the same as my Vintage Button Pendant tutorial - just cut off the back hook like so with your wire cutter. 

Fill in the back with a metallic sharpie if it's plastic - and then stick onto your earring posts with some E6000 glue. 

Wait for that to dry and you are done! Isn't it easy?

They're simple enough to wear not only for Valentine's Day but any day of the year - I love me some heart studs so I'll definitely be wearing this pair a lot!

Do you think heart studs are girly or just girly enough for Valentines Day? Sound off in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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January 23, 2015

Friday Finds Link Party #13

Welcome to another edition of Friday Finds! You guys always link up the best projects! Below are our picks for the week. Want to be featured too? Then link up and maybe we'll feature you in the next installment of Friday Finds!

DIY Earring Storage Box from Gluesticks

Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Brandy from Gluesticks || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Desk Makeover from Just My Little MessFriday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

Easy Green Onion Dip from Honey and Birch
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds
Vanessa from Tried & True || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Rag Quilt Tutorial from Refresh Living
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds

Printable To-Do Lists at New Mama Diaries
Friday Finds Linky Party! #linkyparty #fridayfinds Devin & Tara from Salt & Pepper Moms || Instagram || Pinterest || Facebook

Easy Valentine Heart Specimen Art from Shaken Together Life
Suitcase Table Makeover from Mabey She Made It

Post your favorite link from this week to have a chance to be featured in our post next week or to get pinned to our Friday Finds Pinterest Board!
Rules for Friday Finds: 1. Link to a specific post on your blog 2. Limit 3 Links per person 3. Comment on at least 2 other blogs from the linky party 4. Please do not link to any giveaways, other linky parties or products that are for sale 5. By linking here, you give us permission to post your picture on our blogs (with full credit!) 6. Link back to this blog with a text link. 7. Starts Friday at 2pm and ends Wednesday at 2pm.

Friday Finds Link Party

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January 21, 2015

8-bit Heart Hairpins at Live Craft Love

All of you guys know how I love my hair accessories and how I love geeky things. I have made a couple of 8 bit items in these past years and featured it on the blog, such as these 8-bit heart sweets box for Valentines, and these Pacman + Ghost couple shirts. This time around, I played with some perler beads to make these cute 8-bit hearts as my contributor post for Live Craft Love - who knew they were so easy (and therapeutic) to do?!

AND YES - I have short hair! I haven't had this short hair in a veeeerryyy long time. It was an accident to have it cut this short, but well, what can you do? At least these hairpins look good :)

Well - what are you waiting for? Make your own by following the tutorial on Live Craft Love! Go there by clicking any of the photos above or the link below - happy crafting, friends. :)
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