Canvas Art Day!

So, since I didn't have anything to do I tried my hand at making a word art type of decor (because there was canvas lying around my room and because I just bought new stenciling stuff). The letters were stencils from the dollar store and a brand called Duro from the Hobby Lobby (bought when I was shopping looking for items when I was in Kansas, since I don't have a Hobby Lobby near my house).


NAIL POLISH: Stamping and Spots

I'm still searching for Sinful Color's Leap Flog. I really really really want it, but unfortunately I haven't found it in the 4 weeks I've been searching for it. :S Thankfully my mother bought me some nail polish from the Philippines: Caronia On the Go and Trance (seen below). 

On the Go (L) and Trance (R)

If you buy them there (I don't really know where else you can get them from), they're less than a dollar per 8 ml bottle. Really cheapo. I like cheapo stuff. Anyway, they're actually good, needing about two coats for full coverage, although their formula's a bit gloppy.


PRINTABLE: Thank You Cards

I recently came home from a trip to Kansas to visit my uncle and aunt. It was fun. I ate tons, learned how to fish and even shopped for a few things, some of which I'm going upcycle and show you in the next few posts. Anyway, the people there were so accommodating and friendly that I wanted to give them something in return. I am going to send them something along with these handmade Thank You cards. 


FREE DOWNLOAD: Inspiring Wallpaper

I came across this verse whilst browsing Pinterest. I liked it, therefore I made a wallpaper to share with you friends. Available in 1024 x 768. Click the wallpaper, right click and download.


DIY: Blast from the Past

When I was a kid I liked crafting, but I never lapsed as bad as this. Since about two years ago, after discovering Cut Out + Keep, I've been hooked. Of course I wanted to share stuff with the world too, and so I made projects. One of which I am going to show you now, the rest maybe later.

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