DIY Christmas Giftables: Star Cluster Hair Clip

I am so obsessed with stars right now as you can tell. I've been buying wooden stars, glass stars, acrylic stars - but I still don't know what to do with the left over stars yet. Hahahaha. Anyway, this is a DIY version of the hair clip I seen the other week. Read on for the full instructions! :)


FREE PRINTABLE: Simple Christmas Gift Wrappers

I love pretty gift wrappers and matching tags. There are loads to print off on the internet - it tears me up having to choose between making or just downloading them. But since I was drawing the other day, I decided to make some simple ones to share with you guys.


From the Holidays

Wow. It's been quite a while since I posted. I visited family in Canada last Thanksgiving and I'm just heading home now - look at that snow. It was better in Pulaski though (I think that's what that place was called).
Anyway just telling you guys I'll have another awesome star DIY soon as part of my holiday crafted gifts series (at least my first attempt at a series, haha! :3) and some printables in the next few days. I'll check with you guys in a few. Bye for now! :)


DIY: Glitterized Star Hairpins


I dunno about you, but I tend to use hair accessories more during the colder months, since my necklaces or bracelets (which are my usual staples during the summer time) won't really show while I'm out and about. So I've been browsing my favorite sites for hair accessory inspiration, and I've stumbled upon this gem on ModCloth. I loved it at first sight, but for $17, it's kind of on the expensive side (for a hair accessory, I mean). So enter the DIY. 


DIY: Faux Druzy Necklace


I first discovered druzy jewelry a few months on Hautelook and ever since then I've noticed them more often. I love the raw organic look of them, but not the price. I have yet to discover a piece that I like that doesn't come with a steep price tag. So I set about faking making my own, and I actually like them. Keep on reading to find out how to make them!


These are my glass bits - I picked them off the beach the last time my fiance and I were there - I don't think they're sea glass, more like just cheap broken beer bottle bits. But I took them with me still - me, the pack rat who thinks everything can be made into something. And I was right! Hahaha. :)

Anyway, get your hammer and pound away. I suggest you double ziploc-bag it before doing so, or you'll end up injured. Use caution! I will not be held liable for any injuries. LOL.

You'll have something like this. You will want the medium and smaller bits, but not the powder, so sift through that.

Pour a layer of mod podge on your pendant tray, and pile on the glass bits. You want to get the small pieces on every gap.

It will look like this. Let it dry.

After the first layer dries, you may want to put on a second layer - to do so, coat it again with a layer of mod podge and pile with the smaller glass bits. Again, let it dry. On the photo above, the upper right one and the bottom one have two layers. I think it looks better (in the end) with two layers instead of one. 

Paint with your metallic base. Coat the whole thing with polish.

Now, after the base polish dries, coat with your main color. 


Get your sponge and sponge out the excess main polish color. Actually, it's just all about building color to mimic the natural ones.


Build up your colors until you get your desired effect. On the photo above, I alternated with sheer purples, blues, greens, bronzes, golds and silvers.


After that dries, clean up the sides with some nail polish remover and q-tips. Then add your jump ring and necklace chain and you're done!

Look at that sparkly goodness.


I made several. I'm still thinking of a way to seal them though - should it be mod podge, diamond glaze or clear nail polish? Anyway, aside from that, I think these turned out pretty well - I'm proud of them. I may even sell them someday - I'm wondering if I should open a shop or something. 


Anyway, what do you guys think about these babies? Craft a couple up for yourself or to give away this Christmas. Leave me a lovely comment, and enjoy your weekend! :)

DIY: Artsy Pouch


I've started 'test-making' things to gift for Christmas, and I started with this pouch. I find it hard to come across pretty modern fabrics that are really cheap, so I took it upon myself to just paint on my fabric of choice. Read on for the tutorial..ish @_@


FREE PRINTABLE: 8.5" x 11" Thanksgiving Poster


Just a quick post today - a free downloadable 8.5" x 11" Thanksgiving-themed poster for you guys, also available as a wallpaper for your ipod/iphone.  Enjoy!


DIY; Double Bow Necklace

I used to be so obsessed with decoden - for those of you who don't know, it's a trend from Japan, see here. Heck, I used to be so obsessed with lolita fashion. But now that I've mellowed out, I've only been enjoying only partially-embellished stuff - and since I've been inspired by a video I seen yesterday I wanted to create some decoden-inspired gear. So I made this double bow necklace out of polymer cay. Read on for the tutorial! 


DIY: Arrowhead Earrings Trial 1


Whew. After four days without power, thank God it has been restored. So what have I been doing during my down time? Painting, painting, crafting a tiny bit and painting some more. What did I craft? earrings, again. Excuse my earring posts, I seem to be obsessed with them these days - probably because I cut my hair from really long to medium length, I feel like I can wear earrings again now. So hehe. On to the craft!

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